Norway has been a full member of the Bologna Process / European Higher Education Area since 1999.


National Report


Information for international students and scholars

Study in Norway

The Norwegian Agency for International Cooperation and Quality Enhancement in Higher Education (Diku)



Responsible national authority

Ministry of Education and Research



Recognised higher education institutions

Lists of accredited HEIs in the various categories can be found at the website listed below



Quality assurance

The Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education, NOKUT



Academic recognition body / bodies




Qualifications framework

The Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education, NOKUT



National students' organisation

The National Union of Students in Norway (NSO)

International Students’ Union of Norway (ISU)

Association of Norwegian Students Abroad (ANSA)



National Teachers' representatives organisation

Norwegian Association of Researchers

Union of Education Norway



National Rectors' Conference

Universities Norway



Trade union

The Federation of Norwegian Professional Associations (Akademikerne)

The Confederation of Unions for Professionals (Unio)

The Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO)



National Employers' representatives organisation

The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO)



EU education programmes' contact person

Lifelong learning programme / Erasmus national agency