Governance and thematic priorities after 2020

At the Ministerial Conference in Paris in 2018, the Ministers agreed that the EHEA should become more important, not less so, in the future, and specifically invited the BFUG to prepare proposals for 2020 which can facilitate the EHEA's commitment to pursue the UN's Sustainable Development Goals which are set for 2030 and to fully play its role in meeting the challenges faced by our societies.

An online survey on the governance and thematic priorities of the EHEA after 2020 was carried out in October 2018 under the aegis of the BFUG Co-chairs Austria and Switzerland. 32 BFUG members and 8 Consultative members have answered the survey and the results were presented at the BFUG meeting in Bucharest in April 2019:
Outcomes of the online survey
Outcomes of the online survey presentation

At this meeting - building on the results of the survey - the BFUG Co-chairs Romania and North Macedonia and the Italian Vice-chair presented a "concept note" that was distributed to all the 4 breakout groups to make discussion more fruitful. Within the BFUG it was agreed to conduct a follow-up consultation at national level and among member organisations.
Guidance on how to organise this phase of the discussion can be found in the Future of the EHEA - Follow-up Consultation document and in the summary of the current state of affairs (June 2019).

The consultation is open until 15 October 2019 and is being done through the BFUG members, Consultative members and partners. The involvement of all members of the academic community, national and local authorities, and of all stakeholders interested in higher education, as well as society at large, is crucial for planning the future of the European Higher Education Area.

When the consultation is finished, the BFUG members and Consultative members are kindly asked to report back to the BFUG Secretariat using this form.

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