Thematic Peer Group A

In September 2018, the BFUG formally established this Thematic Peer Group A on Qualifications Framework (TPG A on QF)  more specifically on Key Commitment 1: a three-cycle system compatible with the overarching frameworks of the EHEA and first and second cycle degrees scaled by ECTS based on the interests and needs indicated by the BFUG members and Consultative members in a survey conducted during the summer of 2018.

Specific thematic indications include topics such as:

  • self-certification of the national qualification frameworks the overarching Qualifications Framework of the EHEA,
  • complete implementation of the ECTS User’s Guide,
  • short cycle higher education,
  • multiple purposes and use of the qualifications frameworks by the stakeholders,
  • study programmes outside of the Bologna three-cycle structure,
  • relationship between the qualifications frameworks and quality assurance.

TPG A on QF Meetings

1. First Meeting of the TPG A on QF in Helsinki on 15 January 2019

The members of the Thematic Peer Group met for the first time and discussed the work plan of each single country and the overall work plan of the group.

2. Second Meeting of the TPG A on QF in Prague on 3 June 2019

 Documents of this meeting:

3. Third Meeting of the TPG A on QF in Prague on 18 February 2020 

Documents and presentations of this meeting:

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