The Ministerial Goals

In the Paris Communiqué (2018), ministers recognised that

“We therefore commit to developing new and inclusive approaches for continuous enhancement of learning and teaching across the EHEA, and can succeed only if we do so in close collaboration with the European higher education community, in full respect of academic freedom and institutional autonomy.”

“We will support higher education institutions to develop and enhance their strategies for learning and teaching.”

“As high quality teaching is essential in fostering high quality education, academic career progression should be built on successful research and quality teaching. It should also take due account of the broader contribution to society.”


Paris Communiqué 2018


The Ministers also agreed to develop a set of principles supporting teaching and learning in HE across EHEA, innovative approaches, considering the importance of academic freedom and institutional autonomy. The Ministers agreed to complement these principles with guidelines on how respective governments may encourage HEIs to apply them and to extend their governments support nationally and across EHEA. These principles should be developed also considering the impact of digital technology in supporting innovation and inclusivity in teaching and learning. Presentation of these principles and accompanying guidelines as well as best-practice examples should be presented to the BFUG for submission to the Ministerial Conference 2020, in fulfilment of the commitment in the Paris Communiqué.

The BFUG established an Advisory Group on Learning and Teaching in the 2018-2020 Workplan.

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