Other Events Linked to the Bologna Process

The Bologna Process celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2019. When looking back on the road taken, with reforms at a European, national and institutional level, we can feel pride in the milestone achievements and the efforts undertaken to ensure the Bologna Process still remains a vivid reality.

Over the years, many Bologna Process activities have been organised, in different frameworks, by assorted full members, consultative members, other stakeholders and partners in this process. To emphasise the importance of the dissemination of these activities during the Albanian BFUG Secretariat 2021-2024, this dedicated webpage will publish from time to time activities related to the Bologna Process. It is important to underline that the organisers of these activities are responsible for their content, and the BFUG Secretariat is only facilitating the visibility and dissemination aspect of them.

How to publish an event on this webpage:

  1. For an event to be published on the EHEA website, the organisers (via their respective BFUG delegation) are requested to fill in this online template: https://forms.gle/VeiUw562yVNVKHku9.
  2. Once received, the BFUG Chairs will evaluate whether the topics of the event are linked to the Bologna Process.
  3. After the event has taken place, the organisers are kindly requested to send a report to the BFUG Secretariat secretariat@ehea.info,  which will then be published on this webpage.


Other events linked to the Bologna Process: