Tbilisi, Georgia
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Eighty-fifth Bologna Follow-Up Group Board meeting, hosted by Georgia (Tbilisi), 02 October 2023





1. Welcome and introduction

1.1. Welcome by the current BFUG Co-Chairs: Spain and Georgia

1.2. Welcome by the BFUG Vice-Chair (Albania)

1.3. Information by the outgoing BFUG Co-Chairs: Sweden and Bosnia and Hercegovina


2. Adoption of the agenda

BFUG_Board_ES_GA_85_2.1_Draft Agenda

BFUG_Board_ES_GA_85_2.2_Draft Annotated Agenda


3. Update from the BFUG Secretariat

BFUG_Board_ES_GA_85_3.1_BFUG Secretariat Presentation


4. Update from the Bologna Implementation Coordination Group (BICG)

BFUG_Board_ES_GA_85_4_Bologna Implementation Coordination Group


5. Update from the BFUG Working Structures

5.1. Working Group on Monitoring the Implementation of the Bologna Process

5.2 Working Group on Fundamental Values

5.3 Working Group on Social Dimension

BFUG_Board_ES_GA_85_5_3_WG_SD_Principles and Guidelines

BFUG_Board_ES_GA_85_5_3_WG_SD_ Consultative meeting with BFUG_Report

5.4 Working Group on Learning and Teaching


5.5 Coordination Group on Global Policy Dialogue

5.6 EHEA Network of QF National Correspondents

5.7 Working Group on San Marino Roadmap

BFUG_Board_ES_GA_85_5_7_WG_San Marino Roadmap_Report

5.8 Task Force on Enhancing the Knowledge Sharing in the EHEA Community

5.9 Updates from the Task Force on the Review of the Rules and Regulations for the Governance of the European Higher Education Area

BFUG_Board_ES_GA_85_5_9_1_Task Force on the Review of the Rules and Regulations for the Governance of the EHEA

BFUG_Board_ES_GA_85_5_9_2_Task Force on the Review of the Rules and Regulations for the Governance of the EHEA_Permanent EHEA Secretariat_Concept Note


6. Drafting Committee for the Tirana 2024 Ministerial Communique

BFUG_Board_ES_GA_85_6_1_Drafting Committee_Presentation

BFUG_Board_ES_GA_85_6_2_ Drafting Committee_Draft-0-BOARD

BFUG_Board_ES_GA_85_6_3_Drafting_Committee_Parallel Sessions


7. Update on the application of the European Network of Ombuds in Higher Educations (ENOHE) to join the BFUG



8. Discussion of the Draft Agenda for the Upcoming BFUG Meeting LXXXIV

BFUG_Board_ES_GA_85_8_Draft BFUG Meeting Agenda


9. Information by the Incoming Co-Chairs (Belgium and Holy See)


10. AOB