Zurich, Switzerland
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BFUG Board meeting LXII


Sixty-second meeting of the Bologna Follow-Up Group Board in Zurich, 3 July 2018.        Zurich


1. Welcome and introduction

1.1. Information by the outgoing BFUG Co-chairs: Bulgaria/Serbia

1.2. Welcome by the current BFUG Co-chairs: Austria/Switzerland

1.3. Information by the BFUG Vice-chair (Italy)


2. Adoption of the agenda

Board Meeting - Zurich, July 2018 - Draft agenda

Board Meeting - Zurich, July 2018 - Draft annotated agenda


3. Feedback of the BFUG meeting in Sofia, 24/25 April 2018

Read more about the BFUG meeting in Sofia


4. Evaluation report of the Paris Ministerial Conference

First evaluation overview of the Paris Ministerial Conference

5. Information by the BFUG Secretariat

6. Presentation and discussion on the 2018-2020 Work Plan and Proceedings

Paris Communiqué

Draft Work Plan 2018-2020

Draft Work Plan 2018-2020 presentation

Draft Proceedings 2018-2020

Draft Terms of Reference for the BFUG Secreatriat 2018-2020


7. Discussion on substructures of the BFUG (e.g. AGs/WGs) and invitation for participation

8. Draft agenda for the BFUG meeting in Vienna

BFUG Meeting - Vienna, September 2018 - Draft annotated agenda


9. Information by the incoming Co-chairs

BFUG meeting Romania

10. BFUG membership

11. AOB