15/04/2021 - 16/04/2021
online, hosted by Portugal
Category: BFUG Meetings


 Seventy-sixth Bologna Follow-Up Group meeting, online, hosted by Portugal, 15-16 April 2021.





1. Welcome and introduction to the meeting

Opening speech by Manuel Heitor, Portuguese Minister for Science Technology and Higher Education.
Welcome and information by the Co-chairs (Portugal & Andorra) and Vice-chair (Albania).

2. Adoption of the agenda

BFUG_PT_AD_76_2.1_Draft Agenda
BFUG_PT_AD_76_2.2_Draft Annotated Agenda

3. Feedback from the previous meeting

Information from the BFUG Board Meeting, Andorra la Vella, 11 February 2021.

4. Information by the BFUG Secretariat

BFUG_PT_AD_76_4.1_BFUG_Secretariat_ToRs_for_ 2021-2024

5. Presentation and discussions on the draft Work Plan for 2021-2024

1.Presentation of the BFUG draft Work Plan for 2021-2024 and draft upscaled ToRs for the Working Group on Learning & Teaching;
2.Presentation of the draft ToRs for two Task Forces on increasing synergies with the European Research Area/European Education Area and enhancing knowledge sharing in the EHEA community.
BFUG_PT_AD_76_5_Draft Work Plan and TORs Annex I

6. Presentation and discussions on the Rules of Procedure for 2021-2024 (session 1)

BFUG_ PT_AD_76_6.1 Rules of Procedure

BFUG_PT_AD_76_6.2 Annexes and Appendices


7. Overview of the Expression of Interest for the BFUG working structures (session 1)

BFUG_PT_AD_76_Working Structures Expression of Interest presentation


8. Approval of Rules of Procedure for 2021-2024 (session 2)

9. Feedback on the Rome Ministerial Conference: Key messages and challenges ahead from the Report on the Rome Ministerial Communiqué

Information by the outgoing Co-chairs and outgoing BFUG Secretariat.


10. Approval of Members and Co-chairs for the BFUG working structures (session 2)


11. Implications/Impact of COVID-19 in the HEIs: Quality Assurance, innovative pedagogies and assessment both from academics and students’ perspective

Perspectives from ENQA and EQAR on QA in digital education; Academic and students’ perspective on innovative pedagogies and assessment by EUA, EURASHE, ETUCE and ESU.

BFUG_PT_AD_76_11.1_ETUCE_Report on COVID impact on HER staff.

Article on the higher education response to COVID-19 by the Council of Europe, the IAU and other contributors


12. Belarus Implementation Report

1.Information by Ann Katherine Isaacs;
2.Input from delegations.


13. Updates from the Consultative Members

Update from the Council of Europe

BFUG_PT_AD_76_13.2_CoE Update.

Update from Education International / ETUCE
Update from ENQA
Update from EQAR
Update from ESU
Update from EUA


Update from EURASHE


Update from UNESCO





14. Information by the incoming Co-chairs

BFUG Board meeting in Armenia (21 October 2021)
BFUG meeting in Slovenia (1-2 December 2021)

15. AOB