online, hosted by Italy
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BFUG meeting LXXIV

Seventy-fourth Bologna Follow-Up Group meeting online, hosted by Italy, on 18 November 2020 at 14:00-16:00 Central European Time.


1. Welcome and introduction

1.1 Welcome by the current BFUG Co-chairs: Germany / United Kingdom / United Kingdom (Scotland)
1.2 Welcome by the BFUG Vice-chair (Italy)

2. Adoption of the agenda

Draft agenda

3. Statement on the situation in Belarus by the Co-chairs United Kingdom, United Kingdom (Scotland) and Germany

BFUG Meeting 74 September 2020 - Co-chairs Statement on the situation in Belarus


4. Information from the BFUG Secretariat

4.1 Technical information on the virtual Ministerial Conference
4.2 Ministerial Conference programme and course of events
BFUG Meeting 74 September 2020 - Ministerial Conference Programme
4.3 Conference Material
4.4 Side events

5. AOB