Work programme 2015-2018

Advisory Group on EHEA international cooperation 2015-2018

The advisory group on “EHEA international cooperation” advices the Bologna Follow-Up Group (BFUG). It includes the Bologna policy forum in order to enhance the international dimension and prepare the 5th Bologna policy forum.

Content for Bologna Expert - 08/09/2015
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Download the AG on EHEA INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION final report

Terms of reference

Download the Terms of Reference Advisory Group EHEA International cooperation 2015-2018

The Advisory Group on EHEA international cooperation aims to enhance the international dimension of the EHEA, carrying out a strategic cooperation with non-EHEA members and, as well, define the scope of the next Bologna Policy Forum in connection with the Ministerial conference in 2018.

The Yerevan Communiqué states that

the EHEA has a key role to play in addressing these challenges and maximizing these opportunities through European collaboration and exchange, by pursuing common goals and in dialogue with partners around the globe. We must renew our original vision and consolidate the EHEA structure.

During the next three years and in this context, the advisory group will have

  • to identify the weaknesses and the strength of the four previous Bologna policy Forums and draw a sustainable approach for the Bologna policy forum in general;
  • to identify the different regions and specific issues to cooperate with and to work out an agenda;
  • to develop policy dialogues with the different regions of the world identified;
  • to organise brainstorming and relevant proactive actions to define a vision and action plan for the next Bologna policy forum in 2018;
  • to organise events or participate at relevant events proposed by other stakeholders in and outside the EHEA.

Update of the work

Report at BFUG Meeting 50 in Amsterdam, March 2016

BFUG Meeting 50 Amsterdam March 2016 - Work progress AG International cooperation

BFUG Meeting 50 Amsterdam March 2016 - “EHEA international cooperation” parallel Session

Report at BFUG Meeting 52 in Bratislava, December 2016

BFUG Meeting 52 Bratislava Dec. 2016 - Work progress AG International cooperation

Report at BFUG Meeting 54 in Gozo, May 2017

BFUG Meeting 54 Gozo May 2017 - Work progress of Advisory Group 1 on EHEA international cooperation

Report at BFUG Meeting 56 in Tartu, November 2017

BFUG Meeting 56 Tartu Nov 2017 - SUMMARY OF ACTIVITIES AND APPROACH AG1 EHEA international co-operation

BFUG Meeting 56 Tartu Nov 2017 - Presentation about the BPF

Report at BFUG Meeting 58 in Sofia, February 2018

Board meeting - Belgrade, Jan 2018 - Proposal for the Bologna Policy Forum

Published: 08/09/2015 - Last modified: 31/05/2018
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AG activities

Advisory Group Meetings

Participation to international or regional meetings

The EHEA and ASEM: Creating Regions of Higher Education

An article of interest from GlobalHigherEd > Inside Higher Ed written after the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) Education Process and European Higher Education Area (EHEA) ministerial meetings in April and May 2015:

Que Anh Dang is a Marie Curie Doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Bristol, UK.
In her article
, she compares the two higher education regions in terms of Economic Integration Heralds Educational Regionalisation and Higher Education and Region-Making Projects. She wondered if ASEM is an extension of the EHEA or a new education area.
She concludes her article on the strong impact of the EHEA on other regional initiatives, especially in Asia.