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EURASHE annual conference 2016

Other relevant event Belgrade, Serbia 21/04/2016 - 22/04/2016

EURASHE organised its 26th Annual Conference titled ‘Centres of cooperation striving for excellence: professional higher education and the world of work‘ in Belgrade (Serbia) on 21-22 April 2016. It is co-organised by EURASHE, the Conference of Academies of Applied Studies Serbia (CAASS) and with the support of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development (MoESTD) of Serbia, the Foundation Foedus Srbija and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia.

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Centres of cooperation striving for excellence: professional higher education and the world of work

EURASHE represents higher education institutions offering professionally oriented programmes, characterised by having strong links with the world of work. While in the past years EURASHE promoted different modes and the overall importance of cooperation between professional higher education institutions and the world of work, with the 26thAnnual Conference we wish to bring attention to the benefits this cooperation brings to all the sides.

Entitled ‘Centres of cooperation striving for excellence: Professional higher education and the world of work’, the Annual Conference will develop through 3 main themes seen as the biggest strengths of the cooperation built between PHE institutions and the world of work: employability, regional development and innovation.
When talking about employability, we will address different indicators and discuss modes of cooperation and engagement that support graduates’ employability.
Regional development and service to society proved to be one of the biggest strengths of our sector. We will showcase good practices where cooperation between institutions, the business sector and local and regional authorities made significant contribution to local/regional development.
Finally, innovation is a key for development and when stakeholders work together, great things are achieved.

The 3 main themes will be built by key-note speakers, and further developed through working sessions focusing on management, educational aspects of cooperation and the role of different stakeholder groups. Additionally, a specific track during the 2-day event will give attention to the topics of high importance for Serbia and countries in the region. This way we wish to contribute to the further development of, and to professional higher education, in the Western Balkans.

Download the material and speakers presentations from the EURASHE website

Published: 21/04/2016 - Last modified: 05/08/2016
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EURASHE’s mission is to promote, within the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), the interests of professional higher education and of relevant higher education institutions that are recognised or financed by the public authorities of a EHEA member country, either in binary higher education systems or in unitary ‘university’ systems.

EURASHE is a consultative member of the Bologna Follow-Up Group.

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