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Work programme of the Bologna Follow-Up Group 2003-2005

Bologna Follow-Up Group

Ministers entrust the implementation of all the issues covered in the Berlin Communiqué, the overall steering of the Bologna Process and the preparation of the next ministerial meeting to a Follow-up Group, which shall be composed of the representatives of all members of the Bologna Process and the European Commission, with the Council of Europe, the EUA, EURASHE, ESIB and UNESCO/CEPES as consultative members.
A Board also chaired by the EU Presidency shall oversee the work between the meetings of the Follow-up Group. The Board will be composed of the chair, the next host country as vice-chair, the preceding and the following EU Presidencies, three participating countries elected by the Follow-up Group for one year, the European Commission and, as consultative members, the Council of Europe, the EUA, EURASHE and ESIB.
The overall follow-up work will be supported by a Secretariat which the country hosting the next Ministerial Conference will provide.
In the first meeting after the Berlin Conference, the Follow-up Group is asked to further define the responsibilities of the Board and the tasks of the Secretariat.

Key issues

Bologna Follow-up Seminars have been organised by BFUG members and consultative members in accordance with their own priorities and objectives, taking account of criteria approved by the Follow-up Group. Fourteen Bologna Follow-up Seminars were included in the BFUG Work Programme 2003-2005, reflecting the priorities set by the Ministers in Berlin and having the potential of contributing to making the European Higher Education Area a reality.

Recommendations from Bologna Follow-up Seminars have fed into the stocktaking project, into the development of the overarching framework for qualifications and into the joint efforts in quality assurance. Recommendations from seminars have also directly influenced the drafting of the Bergen Communiqué.

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European cooperation in quality assurance

In Berlin, Ministers called upon ENQA, in cooperation with the EUA, EURASHE and ESIB, to develop an agreed set of standards, procedures and guidelines on quality...

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An overarching framewok of qualifications for the EHEA

In Berlin, Ministers encouraged participating countries to elaborate a framework of comparable and compatible qualifications for their higher education systems,...

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The Stocktaking Project

To conduct the stocktaking exercise asked for by Ministers in Berlin, a Working Group was established by the BFUG.

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Recognition of degrees and study periods

In June 2004, a Recommendation on the Recognition of Joint Degrees was adopted as a subsidiary text to the Lisbon Recognition Convention. Governments should review...

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