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Events from Prague Ministerial Conference to Berlin Ministerial Conference

This calendar lists all the events of the period 2007-2009 between the Prague Ministerial Conference to the Berlin Ministerial Conference.

May 2001
18 to 19 May 2001
Ministerial Conference Prague 2001
Prague, Czech Republic

Towards the European Higher Education Area: Communiqué of the meeting of European Ministers in charge of Higher Education in Prague on May 19th 2001.

Sep 2001
10 to 11 September 2001
UNESCO Meeting - Globalization
Paris, France

An International Forum for dialogue on the Impact of Globalisation on Higher Education was proposed under the auspices of UNESCO.

Mar 2002
12 to 13 March 2002
Conference quality 2002
Amsterdam, Netherlands

The international conference on Working on the European Dimension of Quality took place in Amsterdam, March 12 and 13, 2002.The conference was part of the official Bologna-work programme as...

Apr 2002
11 to 12 April 2002
Seminar recognition Lisbon 2002
Lisbon, Portugal

The international seminar "From Lisboa to a European Higher Education Area: Recognition Issues in the Bologna Process" took place in Lisbon, Portugal on 11-12 April 2002 at the...

May 2002
30 to 31 May 2002
Seminar Joint Degrees 2002
Stockholm, Sweden

Joint Degrees within the framework of the Bologna Process - Stockholm Results 30-31 May 2002

Sep 2002
20 September 2002
EUA Joint Masters Launch Conference
Brussels, Belgium

On 20 September 2002, European University Association (EUA) launched its Joint Masters Project at a conference held at the Fondation Universitaire in Brussels.

Oct 2002
11 to 12 October 2002
Conference ECTS Zürich 2002
Zürich, Switzerland

Credit Transfer and Accumulation – the Challenge for Institutions and Students, an EUA/Swiss Confederation Conference in ETH Zürich, 11/12 October 2002.

18 to 19 October 2002
UNESCO Global Forum 2002
Paris, France

The mission of the Global Forum on International Quality Assurance, Accreditation and the Recognition of Qualifications, established under the auspices of UNESCO, is to link existing frameworks...

Feb 2003
19 to 20 February 2003
Seminar Social dimension Athens 2003
Athens, Greece

Bologna Follow-Up Seminar "Exploring the Social Dimensions of the European Higher Education Area".Athens, Greece 19-20 February 2003 Divani Caravel Hotel

Mar 2003
6 to 8 March 2003
External dimension 2003
Bucharest, Romania

UNESCO-CEPES and European University Association (EUA) organised at Bucharest, Romania, 6 - 8 March 2003 a conference on “The External Dimension of the Bologna Process: South-East European...

14 to 15 March 2003
Seminar Master Helsinki 2003
Helsinki, Finland

Bologna Follow-Up Seminar on Master-level degrees in Helsinli, 14-15 March 2003.

27 to 28 March 2003
Qualification structures Copenhagen 2003
Copenhagen, Denmark

DANISH BOLOGNA SEMINAR 27-28TH MARCH 2003 QUALIFICATION STRUCTURES IN EUROPEAN HIGHER EDUCATIONTo consider alternative approaches for clarifying the cycles and levels in European higher education...

Apr 2003
11 to 12 April 2003
Integrated curricula Mantova 2003
Mantova, Italy

Seminar on “Integrated curricula – Implications and Prospects” Mantova, 11th and 12th April 2003

May 2003
29 to 31 May 2003
EUA Convention 2003
Graz, Austria

The second convention of European Higher Education Institutions took place in Graz, Austria, on 29-31 May 2003.

Jun 2003
5 to 7 June 2003
Lifelong learning Prague 2003
Prague, Czech Republic


12 to 14 June 2003
Student participation Oslo 2003
Oslo, Norway

Bologna Follow-Up Seminar “Student Participation in Governance in Higher Education” Oslo, Norway – 12/14 of June 2003

Sep 2003
19 September 2003
Ministerial Conference Berlin 2003
Berlin, Germany

Realising the European Higher Education Area: Communiqué of the Conference of Ministers responsible for Higher Education in Berlin on 19 September 2003