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Events from Bologna Ministerial Conference to Prague Ministerial Conference

This calendar lists all the events of the period 2007-2009 between the Bologna Ministerial Conference to the Prague Ministerial Conference.

Jun 1999
18 to 19 June 1999
Ministerial Conference Bologna 1999
Bologna, Italy

Joint declaration of the European Ministers of Education - The Bologna Declaration of 19 June 1999.

Nov 2000
24 to 25 November 2000
Seminar on Credit Accumulation and Transfer Systems
Leiria, Portugal

The first of the international seminars of the work programme, held in Leiria, Portugal, discussed the issue of credit accumulation and transfer systems.

Feb 2001
16 to 17 February 2001
International Seminar on Bachelor-level degrees
Helsinki, Finland

The seminar on bachelor-level degrees, held in Helsinki, Finland, dealt with the item of the Bologna Declaration that has given way to a spectrum of interpretations and to discussion between the...

Mar 2001
2 to 3 March 2001
International Seminar on Transnational Education
Malmö, Sweden

The theme of the seminar held in Malmö, Sweden, was transnational education. This topic is not specifically identified in the Bologna Declaration, but, as awareness rises, it is becoming a...

22 to 25 March 2001
Student Göteborg Convention March 2001
Gothenburg, Sweden

The student representatives in Europe, gathered in Göteborg at the Student Göteborg Convention from the 22nd to the 25th of March 2001.

29 to 30 March 2001
Convention of European Higher Education Institutions
Salamanca, Spain

The Convention of European Higher Education Institutions, held in Salamanca, Spain, had the objective of formulating the views of the European higher education institutions on the Bologna Process...

May 2001
18 to 19 May 2001
Ministerial Conference Prague 2001
Prague, Czech Republic

Towards the European Higher Education Area: Communiqué of the meeting of European Ministers in charge of Higher Education in Prague on May 19th 2001.