Work programme 2015-2018

Working Group on Monitoring 2015-2018 - meeting 3

Working Group meeting Riga, Latvia 26/04/2017

The third meeting of the working group on “Monitoring: Fostering implementation of agreed key commitments” will take place in Riga Wednesday 26th April in the Latvian Ministry.

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WG Monitoring - Riga 26.04.2017 - Draft agenda

WG Monitoring - Riga 26.04.2017 - Draft minutes

Draft agenda

1. Welcome and introduction by the WG1 Co-Chairs

2. Adoption of agenda

3. Brief feedback from recent meetings

4. Data collection: ‘state of the affairs’ at the moment, i.e feedback on the questionnaires

  • Statistical data
  • Eurostudent
  • EUA and ESU

5. New topics and new indictors

  • Discussion of proposals (will be outlined in a working document)
  • Split in small group-examining different sections

6. Continuation of discussion (in plenary)

  • Feedback to data collectors on new indicators

7. Scorecard indicators

  • Discussion of proposals (will be outlined in the working document).
  • Agreement on a proposal for the BFUG

8. Update on the timeline and roadmap to 2018

  • Timeframe for analysis
  • Expectations for the WG

9. Date and venue of the next meeting

10. Any other business

Published: 16/02/2017 - Last modified: 17/07/2017
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Working Group

The working group on “Monitoring” will have the task to monitor and to report on the current state of implementation of the Bologna Process, as it was done in the period 2012-2015. Monitoring is critical for providing countries with a strong evidence base on the progress of implementation. The report of 2018 will constitute the basis for the period 2018-2020.

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