Work programme 2009-2012

Working Group on Transparency Tools 2009-2012 - meeting 3

Working Group meeting Brussels, Belgium 18/04/2011

Third meeting of the 2009-2012 BFUG Working Group on Multidimensional Transparency Tools - Towards a transparent landscape of European Higher Education.

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Welcome by the Chair and agenda adoption

WG Transparency Tools Brussels April 2011 - Draft agenda

Adoption of the minutes from the November 11th, 2009, meeting

WG Transparency Tools Brussels October 2010 - Adopted minutes

  • Recent developments - updates from members of the Working Group
  • Transparency Tools Working Group: Plan of Work implementation (Noël Vercruysse)
  • Peer Learning 'Lite' on Transparency Tools (Noël Vercruysse)
  • Multi- dimensional Global ranking of Universities; a feasibility project (Robin van IJperen)
  • The Assessment of Higher Education Learning Outcomes (AHELO) – BFUG Secretariat
  • ENQA position paper on QA and transparency tools – Position (Achim Hopbach)
  • EUA Review of International Rankings (Thérèse Zhang)
  • Other contributions from the WG members are welcomed.

ACA World Class Universities

EUA Diversities and Commonalities – the changing face of Europe's universities

Presentation of the introduction to the draft report, followed by discussions

WG Transparency Tools - Draft report version 18.04.2011

Future steps for reporting

Forthcoming meetings of the Working Group (Workshop, Mini-seminar for the entire BFUG)

WG Transparency Tools - Background discussion paper on the mini-seminar version 18.04.2011

Any other business

WG Transparency Tools Brussels April 2011 - Draft minutes

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