Work programme 2009-2012

WG on International Openness - EHEA in a Global Context 2009-2012 - meeting 5

Working Group meeting Vienna, Austria 18/01/2011

The fifth meeting of the Bologna Working Group on International Openness - EHEA in a Global Context 2009-2012 was chaired by Romania.

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Main outcomes


The NCPs list was considered complete and no more attempts to nominate NCPs will be made. An online Forum was set up by the Bologna Secretariat, to encourage discussions on the BPF between NCPs and IO WG members.

Selection mechanism for countries to be invited at the 3rd BPF

It was proposed to invite not just countries, but organisations, possibly from regions with similar to the Bologna Process initiatives. The consultative members, the Holy See and IAU would provide a list of other organisations active in the higher education debates which are relevant for the Third BPF.

BPF draft agenda

The two versions of the BPF agenda (to be endorsed at the BFUG meeting on 17-18 March 2011): one version similar to the one 1.5 days proposal, with small amendments including bilateral meetings in the late evening of the first day or in the morning of the second day, if possible, and a second version which is shorter – from 26th April lunchtime to 27th April lunchtime.

International Programme Committee

The IO WG should act as the International Programme Committee, while ensuring an effective and interactive consultation process with the NCPs through the EHEA Forum.


A presentation of the IPN status quo and the difficulties encountered in the IPN work was given by the Estonian Co-Chair of the IPN.
The IPN members, who come from different backgrounds, should be re-nominated by the BFUG so as to increase their participation in the IPN work plan activities.
A mid-term promotion strategy should be designed, as a complement to the national and HEIs promotion strategies, although it is difficult to have one single campaign for 47 countries and their HEIs.
The experts’ roundtable foreseen in the IO WG ToR could be organised as a meeting between ACA, the European Commission, the IPN Steering Committee, the IO WG Chair and the Bologna Secretariat in conjunction with another Bologna meeting.

BPF overarching theme and sub-themes

For the third BPF theme, it was agreed to have an overarching theme and several sub- themes, such as: Global mobility (including recognition issues), HE system Governance in national vs. regional approach, International social responsibility (North – South partnerships), Public responsibility and social dimension of HE, Employability and the three degree structure, Quality and excellence, Quality assurance, Social dimension.

Language regime

The language regime will be discussed in the next IO WG meeting.

Draft agenda

(1)    Adoption of the Agenda

(2)    Adoption of the Minutes of the WG meeting on 28 October 2010

(3)    Feedback on the revised concept paper regarding the Bologna Policy Forum organisation process and thematic focus

(4)    Possible initiatives to be organised in between BPFs

(5)    Information on the progress of the EHEA Information & Promotion Network (IPN), including the meetings of its sub-working groups

(6)    Reports on activities relevant to the Working Group (written contributions only) and preparing the BFUG IO WG update

(7)    Any other business

Published: 18/01/2011 - Last modified: 06/07/2016
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