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Work programme 2018-2020

Work programme of the Bologna Follow-Up Group 2018-2020

During the Bologna follow-up group which was held in Vienna, in September 2018, the work-plan for 2018-2020 has been adopted by the members.
The BFUG has the possibility to set up working groups to deal with specific topics in more details and, also, receives input from Bologna Seminars.
Such as expressed in the Work Plan 2018-2020 all groups within the Work Plan are open to participation from BFUG members, experts nominated by national authorities, consultative members and international experts proposed by the group.

Download the BFUG Work Plan 2018-2020

The work plan 2018-2020 of the Bologna Follow-Up Group is described in the form of a diagram. Actors such as BFUG, BFUG Board, BFUG Secretariat, Working Groups and Advisory Groups are represented. The relationship of subordination between the BFUG and its working and advisory groups have been indicated.