17/05/2007 - 18/05/2007


Towards the European Higher Education Area: responding to challenges in a globalised world.


Keynote speech: Bologna in a global context: future challenges and opportunities for the EHEA

Comments and questions to Brenda Gourley, Vice Chancellor, Open University by all delegates
Chair: Alan Johnson

Progress since Bergen

  • Outcome of Stocktaking Report 2007, Andrejs Rauhvargers, Latvia

Bologna Process Stocktaking Presentation. Professor Andrejs Rauhvargers, Latvia. Chair of Stocktaking Working Group

  • Trends V and its consequences for institutions, Georg Winckler, EUA

EUA Trends Report V

  • Bologna With Student Eyes, Koen Geven, ESIB

Bologna With Student Eyes 2007 - Draft Executive Summary

ESIB Press Release: Bologna with Student Eyes 2007

Comments and questions: Ministers and Heads of Delegations
Chair: Ute Erdsiek-Rave, Vice President of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany, and Minister for Education and Women, Schleswig-Holstein

Reports and statements

BFUG Secretariat

Bologna Process between Bergen and London

Feedback from panel sessions

Report by Sir Roderick Floud, EUA and Lars Lynge Nielsen, Eurashe
Comments and questions: all delegates
Chair: Annette Schavan

2007 London Ministerial Conference - Panel Sessions outcome

Discussion of Communiqué

Comments: Ministers and Heads of Delegations
Chair: Bill Rammell, Minister of State for Lifelong Learning, Further and Higher Education, UK

Closing remarks

  • Ministers Marie-Dominique Simonet and Frank Vandenbroucke (French and Flemish Community of Belgium) on behalf of the Benelux hosts of the 2009 Ministerial conference
  • Jan Figel, European Commissioner

Jan Figel European Commissioner for Education, Training, Culture and Youth: Closing Address 

  • Alan Johnson, Secretary of State for Education and Skills, UK

Rt Hon Alan Johnson Secretary of State for Education and Skills: Closing Address

Chair: Alan Johnson

Based on our agreed criteria for country membership, we welcome the Republic of Montenegro as a member of the Bologna Process.
Our stocktaking report, along with EUA’s Trends V report, ESIB’s Bologna With Student Eyes and Eurydice’s Focus on the Structure of Higher Education in Europe, confirms that there has been good overall progress in the last two years. There is an increasing awareness that a significant outcome of the process will be a move towards student-centred higher education and away from teacher driven provision. We will continue to support this important development.