Working Group on Social Dimension

The overarching aim of Working Group on Social Dimension is to develop proposed instruments and policies to fulfil the objective in the Paris Communiqué and to support national plans and strategies aimed at strengthening social dimension of higher education, as well as to improve access and completion by under-represented and vulnerable groups.

Key outcomes

Indicators and Descriptors for the Principles of the Social Dimension in the European Higher Education Area (2024) 

BFUG Working Group on Social Dimension 2021-2024: Final Report for the Period 2021-2024 (2024)  

Principles and Guidelines to Strengthen the Social Dimension of Higher Education in the EHEA (2020) 


Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference for the Work Period 2021-2024   


Work Plan

Work Plan 2021-2024   


Group meetings and updates

WG on Social Dimension 2021-2024