European Commission

The European Commission has been a full member of the Bologna Follow-Up Group since 1999. 

The Commission’s policy work in the area of Higher Education is closely linked with the Bologna Process, and is explained in detail in this brochure.  


EU Support on Bologna Commitments 

Three decades ago, through the joint efforts of national authorities, higher education institutions, students and the European Commission, the Erasmus programme was born. This set wheels in motion for greater and better-structured cooperation between higher education institutions.  

As the programme grew in scope and impact, the European Commission co-developed several tools crucial to delivering on Bologna commitments, including: 


The Evolution Ahead 

The European Commission is working towards a European Education Area by 2025, where inclusiveness and excellence will go hand in hand, and where mobility be a reality for all. Alongside a bigger and more inclusive Erasmus programme, three key initiatives are driving this vision in the field of higher education:

The Bologna Process and the European Union’s ambitions for the creation of a European Education Area by 2025 and for the implementation of the renewed EU agenda for higher education are mutually reinforcing.  The European Education Area will build on the achievements of the European Higher Education Area. It will enable EU Member States to do more and move faster to make their education systems better, more competitive and inclusive, while providing inspiration to non-EU countries and the European Higher Education Area as a whole. 

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