Cyprus has been a full member of the Bologna Process / European Higher Education Area since 2001.


National Report


Information for international students and scholars

The official website of the Department of Higher and Tertiary Education ( provides information to students who may wish to study and to scholars who may wish to teach in Cyprus. The Website includes the electronic addresses of university and non-university institutions for more details on access regulations, grants, and programmes for international students.



Responsible national authority

Department of Higher and Tertiary Education



Recognised higher education institutions

Higher Education in Cyprus is provided by university and non-university institutions, both public and private.

For information on public universities go to, select "Universities" and then "Public Universities".

Private universities

Non-university public institutions

Non-university private institutions



Academic recognition body / bodies

The competent authority responsible for the recognition of academic qualifications is K.Y.S.A.T.S.: The Cyprus Council for the Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications



National students' organisation

Pancyprian Federation of Student Unions



EU education programmes' contact person

Lifelong learning programme / Erasmus national agency (Greek only)

Tempus National Contact Point

Erasmus Mundus