online, hosted by Croatia
Category: BFUG Meetings

BFUG meeting LXXI

Seventy-first Bologna Follow-Up Group meeting, online, hosted by Croatia, 25 June 2020.





1. Welcome and introduction

1.1 Welcome by the current BFUG Co-chairs: Croatia / Ukraine
1.2 Welcome by the BFUG Vice-chair (Italy)

2. Adoption of the agenda

Draft agenda
Draft annotated agenda

3. Feedback from the last meetings

3.1 Report from the BFUG meeting in Kyiv (4-5 March 2020)
3.2 Report from the online Board meeting (2 April 2020)

4. Information from the BFUG Secretariat

BFUG Meeting 71 June 2020 - Information BFUG Secretariat

5. Parallel sessions on the Bologna Key Commitments

5.1 Thematic Peer Group A on Qualifications Frameworks
BFUG Meeting 71 June 2020 - TPG A on QF presentation
5.2 Thematic Peer Group B on Lisbon Recognition Convention
BFUG Meeting 71 June 2020 - TPG B LRC presentation
5.3 Thematic Peer Group C on Quality Assurance
BFUG Meeting 71 June 2020 - TPG C QA presentation
5.4 Report from the parallel sessions on the Bologna Key Commitments
5.5 Bologna Implementation Coordination Group (BICG) Draft Final Report
BFUG Meeting 71 June 2020 - BICG Draft Final Report


6. Final Reports from the AGs, WG1 and the EHEA Network of NQF Correspondents (in writing)

6.1 AG1 on Social Dimension (AG1) – Final Report
BFUG Meeting 71 June 2020 - AG1 Final Report
BFUG Meeting 71 June 2020 - AG1 Annex Communiqué
6.2 AG2 on Learning and Teaching (AG2) – Draft Final Report
BFUG Meeting 71 June 2020 - AG2 Draft Final Report
BFUG Meeting 71 June 2020 - AG2  Annex Communiqué
BFUG Meeting 71 June 2020 - AG2  Update
6.3 WG1 on Monitoring (WG1) – Bologna Process Implementation Report
BFUG Meeting 71 June 2020 - BPIR
6.4 EHEA Network of NQF Correspondents – Final Report
BFUG Meeting 71 June 2020 - Network NQF Correspondents Final Report


7. Recommendations from the Ad Hoc Group on the application of San Marino to join the EHEA

BFUG Meeting 71 June 2020 - Ad Hoc San Marino Report
FUG Meeting 71 June 2020 - San Marino National Report


8. Parallel sessions on the implications of COVID-19 to the Bologna Process

BFUG Meeting 71 June 2020 - Parallel sessions COVID 19 Background paper
8.1 The students’ perspective (moderated by ESU and Council of Europe)
BFUG Meeting 71 June 2020 - Survey results
8.2 The Higher Education Institutions' perspective (moderated by EUA and EURASHE)
BFUG Meeting 71 June 2020 - Survey results

9. Draft Rome Ministerial Communiqué

BFUG Meeting 71 June 2020 - Draft 5 Rome Communiqué

10. Rome 2020 Ministerial Conference and Bologna Global Policy Forum 

10.1 Draft Concept for the Rome 2020 Ministerial Conference and the Global Summit on Higher Education
BFUG Meeting 71 June 2020 - Ministerial Conference
BFUG Meeting 71 June 2020 - Global Summit on HE

10.2 Bologna Global Policy Forum
BFUG Meeting 71 June 2020 - Suggestions CG1 on GPF

11. Draft Bologna Global Policy Statement

BFUG Meeting 71 June 2020 - Draft 3 Bologna Global Policy Statement

12. BFUG governance after the Ministerial Conference 2020

BFUG Meeting 71 June 2020 - BFUG Governance after 2020

13. Updates from the Consultative Members (in writing)

13.1 Update from BUSINESSEUROPE
13.2 Update from the Council of Europe
BFUG Meeting 71 June 2020 - CoE
13.3 Update from Education International / ETUCE
BFUG Meeting 71 June 2020 - ETUCE
13.4 Update from ENQA
BFUG Meeting 71 June 2020 - ENQA
13.5 Update from EQAR
BFUG Meeting 71 June 2020 - EQAR
13.6 Update from ESU
BFUG Meeting 71 June 2020 -ESU
13.7 Update from EUA
BFUG Meeting 71 June 2020 - EUA
13.8 Update from EURASHE
BFUG Meeting 71 June 2020 - EURASHE
13.9 Update from UNESCO
BFUG Meeting 71 June 2020 - UNESCO

14. Information by the incoming BFUG Co-chairs

14.1 BFUG Board Meeting in Edinburgh, United Kingdom (4 September 2020)
14.2 BFUG meeting in Berlin, Germany (24-25 September 2020)

15. AOB




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