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Data collection 2009-2012

Analysis on the data collection exercise for Social Dimension

The Working Group on Social Dimension has been supporting the work of the Reporting Working Group concerning the social dimension section of the implementation report. More specifically, the WG was asked to:

  1. Review and confirm the data collectors’ understanding of the social dimension or make proposals for modifications.
  2. Discuss the scope of the seven issues and indicate priorities for the Integrated Report.
  3. Discuss how the relationship between nationally specific information and comparative European statistical information should be managed in the Integrated Report.
  4. Discuss the draft list of indicators on the social dimension in view of the priorities recommended for the Integrated Report and make proposals for further work.
  5. Consider how the other tasks of the Working group can be undertaken, and how the results will be used.

Reference: Draft outline of contents for the BFUG Integrated Implementation Report (BFUG (ES) 20_9a). Indicators on the social dimension of the Bologna Process, pp. 1-2.
Source: Report of the BFUG Working Group on the Social Dimension 2009-2012

Reporting on the Implementation of the Bologna Process

To assess the progress made with the implementation of each of the priority areas as well as the “old” action lines (e.g. quality assurance and recognition), stocktaking will be further refined and combined with the joint data collection efforts of Eurostat, Eurostudent, and Eurydice, which (except for Eurostudent) also cover all 46 Bologna countries. The aim is to produce one joint, comprehensive report on the implementation of the Bologna Process from a governmental perspective. In addition to that, EUA and ESU plan to continue their reporting from the points of view of higher education institutions and students.

The tasks of the working group on reporting on the implementation of the Bologna Process are:

  • To define the indicators used for measuring and monitoring mobility and the social dimension in conjunction with the data collection;
  • To prepare an integrated report (by 2012) on the progress of the implementation of the Bologna Process, combining a refined stocktaking with the joint data collection by Eurostat and Eurostudent, in cooperation with Eurydice.

The European Higher Education Area in 2012: Bologna Process Implementation Report