Work programme 2015-2018

Advisory Group on Revision of Diploma Supplement 2015-2018 - meeting 4

Advisory Group meeting Vienna, Austria 27/10/2016 - 28/10/2016

Fourth meeting of the advisory group on the Revision of Diploma Supplement.

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Download the AG Revision of the Diploma Supplement - Vienna October 2016 - Minutes

Agenda and Background documents

1. Welcome by the Austrian Minister/ representatives of the Austrian Ministry

2. Introduction to the meeting by the co-chairs

3. Adoption of the Agenda

AG Revision of the Diploma Supplement - Vienna October 2016 - Draft agenda

4. Adoption of the third meeting minutes

AG Revision of the diploma supplement - Tirana June 2016 - Draft Minutes

5. Updates
- Update by the co-chairs
- Update by the representatives of the European Commission, Council of Europe and UNESCO

6. Presentation of the document drafted by the representatives of Finland and Italy

7. Work session 1: discussion on the proposals of changes
Document: New draft of the DS template and guidelines, based on the conclusions of the Tirana meeting

8. Presentation of the example of digital Diploma Supplement
- Presentation by Huw Morris AG Revision of the Diploma Supplement - Example of digital Diploma Supplement

9. Study to support the revision of the Diploma Supplement and analyse the feasibility of its digitalisation at European level
- Presentation by Karolis Šaduikis, Public Policy Management Institute (PPMI) AG Revision of the Diploma Supplement - Study on revision and feasibility of digitalisation

10. Work session 2: discussion on the proposals of changes and fulfilment of the objectives of the ToRs.

11. First elements concerning the final report of AG4

12. Next meetings in Bucharest and Tirana, any other business and end of meeting


Source: BFUG Meeting 52 Bratislava Dec. 2016 - Work progress AG Diploma Supplement Revision

In Vienna, the group agreed that the changes concerning the template and guidelines of DS should include:

  • harmonization of the title with the content for some chapters;
  • the definition of joint degree programmes and multiple degree programme
  • inclusion of a new paragraph on joint degrees;
  • clarifications regarding the Guidelines.

In the Vienna meeting, according to an EC suggestion, two experts from the Public Policy Management Institute (PPMI) have been invited to present the first elements concerning a “Study to support the revision of the Diploma Supplement and analyse the feasibility of its digitalisation at European level” (Karolis Šaduikis and Donatas Poclus).

The study is mandated by the European Commission and was launched in September 2016. The first results of the study are expected in December 2016. The two representatives from PPMI presented the objectives of the study:

  • to identify digital student data management practices;
  • to analyse the digitalisation potential of the Diploma Supplement;
  • to analyse transferability of the digital Diploma Supplement;
  • to recommend an option of digital support of the Diploma Supplement.

They also presented their first results, the main obstacles identified so far, a view on the different digitalisation initiatives, the means of digital data exchange and considerations on Diploma Supplement digitalisation prospects.

The UK representative presented the case of Swansea University concerning the use of Diploma Supplement and digitalisation. “Transforming the effectiveness of the Diploma Supplement – maximising the use of data” (Huw Landeg Morris, Swansea University, member of the AG4 representing UK).

The purpose of Diploma Supplement is to enhance students’ employability. From its origin, the DS was designed in a digital format and extended to Doctoral degrees. It is an interactive document focusing on data as well as documents to support and facilitate proof of academic and non-academic achievements, mobility, placements and experience, transition to higher education and transition to employment. It is a complete e- tool compliant with European standards with many advantages for students.

The presentation provided an opportunity to raise controversial questions concerning the costs, the list of students’ activities to be identified and assessed, the role of the DS in regard with the CV, the data protection and the role of psychometric aspects.

The three institutions (Council of Europe, European Commission and UNESCO) will send their comments and feedback on chapter Principles and general guidelines for producing supplements.

Published: 27/10/2016 - Last modified: 27/07/2017
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Advisory Group

The Advisory Group on the Revision of the Diploma Supplement is mandated to make recommandations to the Council of Europe, the European Commission and UNESCO in reviewing the Diploma Supplement, in cooperation with stakeholders. A proposal for a revision should be presented for consultation to the BFUG by 2017.

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