Work programme 2015-2018

Working Group on Policy development for new EHEA goals 2015-2018 - Co-chairs meeting

Working Group meeting Brussels, Belgium 21/09/2016

Co-chairs Meeting of the working group on Policy development for new EHEA goals. The objective of this meeting is the preparation of the WG meeting to be held 2-3 November in Stockholm.

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1. Virtual Tour de table

2. Adoption of the agenda
WG EHEA new goals - Co-chairs meeting Sept. 2016 - Draft agenda

3.a Briefing about the previous work of WG3
3.b Report from Berlin and co-operation with WG2

4. Minutes from the 2nd meeting of WG3 (Paris June 2016)
-    Conclusions
-    Annexes (survey, presentations ...)

5. Preparation of the 3rd meeting of WG3 in Stockholm on 2/3 November
-   Agenda (draft sent on 15 September)
-   Content
-   Presentations
-   Preparation
-   Involving participants
-   Information to be sent to WG3 members/other addresses

6. Preparation of the 4th meeting of WG 3 in Brussels in April 2017

7. Preparation of the 5th and final meeting of WG 3 in summer 2017 (report/recommendations for the BFUG and the Ministerial Communiqué)

8. Division of priorities/work between the chairs, co-ordination of the work (participation in Board/BFUG meetings and meetings/events of other AG/WG etc.)

9. Any other business

Published: 21/09/2016 - Last modified: 25/07/2017
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Working Group

In a perspective of renewing the vision of the EHEA, the Working Group on New goals will be dedicated to defining new priorities for the future of the EHEA (taking into account the goals mentioned in the Yerevan communiqué and in “The Bologna Process revisited” paper).

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