Work programme 2015-2018

Working Group on Policy development for new EHEA goals 2015-2018 - meeting 3

Working Group meeting Stockholm, Sweden 02/11/2016 - 03/11/2016
Photo of the Dome of Visions in Stockholm, taken by Marina Steinmann© Marina Steinmann

Third meeting of the working group on Policy development for new EHEA goals.

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Download the WG EHEA New Goals - Stockholm 02.11.2016 - Draft Minutes

Draft agenda and Background documents

1. Welcome address

Karin Röding, State Secretary to the Minister for Higher Education and Research
WG EHEA New Goals - Opening speech by Karin Röding, Stockholm meeting

2. Adoption of the draft agenda

3. Discussion on conclusions of the Paris meeting (New Learners)

4. Work plan and next meetings

5. Comptences

5.1 Competences

5.2 Draft Conclusions regarding Competences

6. Digital Education

6.1 Digital Education

  • Can digitalisation of higher education support new modes of learning and teaching? by Alastair Creelman, e-learning expert, Sweden
    What is the role and impact of digitalisation on higher education? How it can be used to support teaching and learning at institutions, at the same time widening the access to higher education?
    WG EHEA New Goals - The digital challenge by Alastair Creelman
  • Added value of Digitalisation to Student support on European level. Case of EMREX project by Mauritz Danielsson, executive director of the LADOK consortium - national system for study administration within Higher Education in Sweden
    How digitalisation can be used to better support students throughout their studies? Can there be European cooperation on digital services?
    WG EHEA New Goals - Presentation on EMREX project by Mauritz Danielsson

6.2 Draft Conclusions regarding Digital Education

7. AOB (e.g. methods of involving the WG members, co-operation with other AG/WG, attendance of relevant upcoming events by WG3 members)

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Working Group

In a perspective of renewing the vision of the EHEA, the Working Group on New goals will be dedicated to defining new priorities for the future of the EHEA (taking into account the goals mentioned in the Yerevan communiqué and in “The Bologna Process revisited” paper).

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