Work programme 2009-2012

WG on International Openness - EHEA in a Global Context 2009-2012 - meeting 6

Working Group meeting Brussels, Belgium 19/05/2011

The sixth meeting of the Bologna Working Group on International Openness - EHEA in a Global Context 2009-2012 was chaired by Romania.

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Main outcomes

BPF sub-themes

The fourth sub-theme and the titles for all parallel sessions: “Global mobility: Incentives and barriers, balances and imbalances”; “Global and regional approaches to quality enhancement”; “Public responsibility for and of HE within national and regional context”; “Are HE reforms improving graduate employability?”

BPF background paper

For the BPF, a background paper, composed of four chapters on the 4 sub-themes will be drafted. The authors of the BPF background paper chapters: ACA (mobility), E4 (quality enhancement), IAU and Council of Europe (public responsibility), EURASHE (employability).

Language regime

The proposed language regime for the 3rd BPF: English, French, German, Spanish and Russian plus the language of the host country (Romania) and the two languages of the BFUG Chairs (Danish and Azeri), should they express their desire in this sense.

Logistical aspects for the Third BPF

The EHEA Communiqué will be introduced shortly to the non-EHEA guests in the final adoption plenary by the host Romanian Minister.
For the parallel sessions, a co-chairing system comprised of an EHEA and a non-EHEA minister will be used, with their roles to be further refined.
The keynote speaker will be decided by means of further consultations within the IO WG and with the NCPs.

Selection of countries and organisations to be invited at the BPF

UNESCO will assist the host country and the BFUG Chairs in the selection of countries participating in the BPF, by offering a pre-selection of countries from each UNESCO region. Ten international organisations will also be invited. After the list of countries and organisations is finalised, they will all be invited at the same time.

BPF statement

The BPF Statement should focus more on political declarations rather than action lines.

Possible initiatives to be organised in-between BPFs

The EC mentioned a proposal to organise a training session on Bologna issues in connection with the Bologna Experts Seminars, particularly designed for the NCP, pending the BFUG endorsement.
The EC circulated via e-mail the revised proposal to the IO WG members.

Endorsement of the structure of the IO WG report for the BFUG meeting in Cracow

The structure of the IO WG report will focus on the main activities and outcomes included in the Terms of Reference, both for the IO WG and the IPN.

Draft agenda

(1)    Adoption of the Agenda

(2)    Adoption of the Minutes of the WG meeting on 18 January 2011

(3)    Updates and decisions taken within the BFUG meeting in Gödöllő, 17-18 March 2011 in relation to the IO WG work

(4)    Discussion on the organizational aspects of the Bucharest Bologna Policy Forum

  • a.    The language regime for the Bucharest Bologna Policy Forum
  • b.    Discussion on the BPF sub-themes, possible speakers and working methods  
  • c.    Discussing the main aims and structure of the Bucharest Bologna Policy Forum statement

(5)    Possible initiatives to be organised in-between BPFs?

  • a.    Discussion on the scheduled events proposed by the IO WG members

(6)    Information on the progress of the EHEA Information & Promotion Network (IPN)

  • a.    Update on the IPN activity: information on the roundtable meeting (Brussels, 10 March 2011), on the IPN workplan progress and on and latest meeting (Brussels, 18 May 2011)
  • b.    Information on the structure of the draft report to the BFUG meeting in Cracow, 13-14 October 2011

(7)    Endorsement of the structure of the IO WG report for the BFUG meeting in Cracow (13-14 October 2011)

(8)    Any other business

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