Work programme 2009-2012

WG on International Openness - EHEA in a Global Context 2009-2012 - meeting 4

Working Group meeting Bucharest, Romania 28/10/2010

The fourth meeting of the Bologna Working Group on International Openness - EHEA in a Global Context 2009-2012 was chaired by Romania.

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The main aims of the meeting are to discuss the progress regarding the various WG activities included in the Terms of Reference, debating various theme proposals for the upcoming Third Bologna Policy Forum, as well as organizational matters both on the aforementioned event and on the Ministerial Conference of 2012.

Main outcomes

Revised ToR for the IO WG

The Chair announced that the revised ToR and Working Plan were approved by the BFUG in its Alden-Biesen meeting.

BPF draft agenda

A first version of the BPF agenda was drafted, which was revised throughout the meeting. A 1.5 days programme was accepted as feasible, to increase the interaction between EHEA and non-EHEA ministers and the attractiveness of the event.

Selection mechanism for countries to be invited at the 3rd BPF

It was recommended to use the UNESCO regions breakdown for deciding which countries to invite to the BPF.

Possible themes for the Third BPF

The most frequent topics of interest based on the feedback received were quality assurance, mutual recognition and qualification frameworks. The IO WG members also proposed other relevant: employability, mobility, student centered learning, social dimension, internationalisation.
IAU and EUA volunteered to consult their partners and members and to provide further input, particularly on themes of the next BPF.

National Contact Persons (NCPs)

It was debated how to involve more efficiently the national contact persons in the BPF. Electronic consultation was suggested as means of communication and support, with social media and a forum as additional tools. Countries that have not yet nominated a contact person should be reminded to so by the Bologna Secretariat.

International Programme Committee

In case a decision would be taken to set up an International Programme Committee, it should be of manageable size, in order to bring added value. However, such a structure would have difficulties arranging face to face meetings with non-EHEA participants, while also encountering major logistic and organisational challenges. No final conclusion on this point was drawn at that point.

The transition from the Bologna Process to the EHEA / the EHEA Website

Both BP and EHEA terms should be used simultaneously, with an attempt to eventually shift towards the latter.
The EHEA website needs to become more visible, and support from all members will be requested in order to achieve this objective, by means of Bologna Secretariat sending an e-mail to all parties involved to reference the EHEA permanent website on their own web pages.

Draft agenda

(1)    Adoption of the Agenda

WG International Openness - Bucharest October 2010 - Draft Agenda

(2)    Adoption of the Minutes of the WG meeting on 27 May 2010

(3)    Outcome of the BFUG meeting

Summary of the Alden Biesen BFUG debates with regard to the WG

(4)    a. Feedback on the concept paper regarding the organisation process

(4)    b. Discussion of possible themes of the 2012 Bologna Policy Forum coming from non-EHEA countries, as well as the BFUG members

Letter to Bologna Policy Forum from Jordan

(5)    Information on and follow-up of the first meeting of the EHEA Information & Promotion Network (IPN), as well as the first meeting of the IPN Steering Committee

(6)    Reports on activities relevant to the Working Group (written contributions only)

(7)    Any other business

Published: 28/10/2010 - Last modified: 06/07/2016
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