Work programme 2009-2012

WG on International Openness - EHEA in a Global Context 2009-2012 - meeting 3

Working Group meeting Vienna, Austria 27/05/2010

The third meeting of the Bologna Working Group on International Openness - EHEA in a Global Context 2009-2012 was chaired by Austria.

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Main outcomes

“Pool of experts”

The BFUG agreed on the following in its February meeting: „Whenever a request comes in, the Secretariat will send it to the entire BFUG. The information submitted by the BFUG members in response to the call will be forwarded to those looking for expertise but it will also be collected by the Secretariat, thus forming the start of a list. After a while, the arrangement will be evaluated to see whether it works or a more sophisticated arrangement would have to be found.“


The terms of reference for the EHEA Information and Promotion Network (IPN) proposed by the working group were approved by the BFUG. The IPN kick-off meeting will take place on May 28th, hosted by Austria, and will be based on the approved ToR.

Feedback on the Second Bologna Policy Forum

For the Second BPF, positive feedback was received regarding the active role of various organisations in the preparations of the Forum and within its proceedings, the existence of an information session, the bilateral meetings interactive working group sessions. The consultation of all BPF participants beforehand on the adoption of the Bologna Policy Forum Statement was welcomed. The number of three delegates for non-EHEA countries was not considered sufficient to ensure adequate participation of student and higher education institutions representatives therefore the suggestion was to increase the number to five for the Third BPF. The countries and organisations participating in the BPF were invited to nominate one contact person for follow-up. These contacts should be kept informed of on going activities related to the Bologna Process events and achievements, as well as actively involved in the preparatory stages of the next BPF.

Work plan 2010-2012

The working group agreed with the proposed adjustments to the ToR that would be put forward to the BFUG for approval at its meeting in August. The adjustments included the already agreed handover of the Working Group chairing mandate to Romania as well as the organisation of the next BPF in Bucharest. The items that are already achieved have been ticked off and the list of WG meetings has been updated.


It was proposed to convene a small WG composed of the IO WG chairs, some WG members and some IPN members (timeline: summer-autumn 2011). The question of the financial support for the roundtable would still need to be clarified.

Draft agenda

1. Adoption of the Agenda

WG International Openness - Vienna May 2010 - Draft Agenda

2. Minutes of the WG meeting on 25 January 2010

WG International Openness - Vienna January 2010 - Draft Minutes

3. Outcome of the BFUG meeting

EHEA Information and Promotion Network 2009-2012 - Terms of reference

4. Feedback on & follow-up to the Second Bologna Policy Forum

2010 Vienna Bologna Policy Forum Statement

5. Information on the first meeting of the EHEA Information & Promotion Network

6. Work plan 2010-2012

WG International Openness - Work plan 2009-2012 - version 27.05.2010

WG International Openness - Terms of reference - adjustements 27.05.2010

7. Reports on activities relevant to the Working Group (written contributions only)

3013th EDUCATION, YOUTH AND CULTURE Council of European Union meeting

8. Any other business

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