Work programme 2009-2012

Working Group on Mobility 2009-2012 - meeting 1

Working Group meeting Berlin, Germany 13/01/2010

First meeting of the Working Group on Mobility 2009-2012.

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The Mobility WG had its first meeting in Berlin on January 13, 2010. On this occasion, the main points discussed and decisions adopted were:

  • Credit mobility shall be taken into account starting from one credit;
  • Both diploma and credit mobility shall be included in the indicator;
  • The data collectors shall clarify the definition of origin of students included in the indicator;
  • It is important to have data both on inward and outward mobility, while the target indicator should focus on outward mobility;
  • On the regional scope of mobility two different areas of destination are relevant for the mobility target: the EHEA and the world, while agreeing that the indicator should include credit and degree mobility within the EHEA, and credit mobility within and outside the EHEA;
  • To include mobility during the first, second and third cycle;
  • Short (2-year) programmes should be included if they are recognised by the government of the country;
  • For the indicator only mobility during the programme the student is completing should be taken into account;
  • Mobility within joint degree programmes should be counted;
  • The group discussed supplementary indicators and decided that:
    • The indicator on socio-economic background is relevant, but other issues such as gender, disabilities, migrants, should be included as well;
    • An indicator that measures the balance between inbound and outbound mobility is considered necessary;
    • The need for data on staff mobility is underlined.
  • A first Work plan 2010-2012 was drafted while considering that another input for drafting the Mobility strategy would be to develop a questionnaire to the BFUG members on mobility obstacles, good practice examples for increasing mobility and for encouraging a balanced flow of mobility;
  • A first discussion on the issue of balanced mobility has been held.

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