Work programme 2009-2012

WG on International Openness - EHEA in a Global Context 2009-2012 - meeting 1

Working Group meeting Vienna, Austria 28/10/2009

The first meeting of the Bologna Working Group on International Openness - EHEA in a Global Context 2009-2012 was chaired by Austria.

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Main outcomes

IO WG Terms of Reference

The Chair presented the Terms of Reference of the group as they had been approved by the BFUG at its meeting in Stockholm (28-29 September 2009)

2009-2012 IO WG workplan

A discussion paper on the pool of experts would be drafted for the BFUG Board meeting on 28 January 2010; ACA, EI, ESU, EUA, EURASHE, Austria and Romania would prepare proposals on how to facilitate the first meeting of the information and promotion network; Chair and Secretariat would draft a letter, asking the BFUG members to nominate a contact person for the information and promotion network.

Second Bologna Policy Forum

The outline of the Second BPF programme was presented, as well as the countries to be invited (the ones invited at the First Bologna Policy Forum, plus additional ones, yet to be decided upon).
UNESCO would provide the hosts of the Second Bologna Policy Forum with suggestions on which additional countries to invite from the different UNESCO regions.
More information on the Second Bologna Policy Forum (programme, practical information etc.) would be provided after the meeting of the organisational committee.

Draft agenda

1) Adoption of the Agenda

2) Information on the terms of reference as agreed at the BFUG meeting in Stockholm

WG International Openness - Terms of reference

3) Reports on activities relevant for the Working Group – all members

4) Work programme and timetable for period up to mid-2010 – discussion and division of labour

WG International Openness - Work plan 2009-2012 - version 04.12.2009

5) Second Bologna Policy Forum – discussion of proposed format and content-related questions

BFUG Meeting 18 Stockholm Sept 2009 - Draft programme of the Ministerial Conference 2010

6) Any other business

The group agreed to meet again in Vienna

  • on 25 January 2010
  • on 27 May 2010, followed by the kick-off meeting of the information and promotion network on 28 May 2010
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