Work programme of the Bologna Follow-Up Group 2007-2009

Seminar on Fostering student mobility

Bologna Seminar Brussels, Belgium 29/05/2008 - 30/05/2008

Bologna Seminar Fostering student mobility: next steps? organised by the French Community of Belgium - 29-30 May 2008, Brussels

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Conclusions and Recommendations by the General Rapporteur


Opening by Marcel Crochet (6 MB)
Presentation by Prof. Ulrich Teichler (INCHER-Kassel)
Presentation by Bernd Wächter (ACA)
Presentation by Mr Christian Tauch (European Commission)
WG 1 - Introduction and conclusions by the working group chair (Dr. Hans Vossensteyn)
WG 3 - Introduction by the working group chair (Prof. Pavel Zgaga)
WG 3 - Final report by the working group chair (Prof. Pavel Zgaga)

Working group 1 - Asymmetric Mobility

Medical sciences in Austria (Christian Seiser)
Financing higher education and student mobility across Europe (C. Chévalier and M. Gerard)

Working group 2 - Portability of Grants and Loans

Presentation of the Expert Network on Portability of Grants and Loans

Working group 3 - Attractiveness of HEIs in the EHEA

Presentation by Mr Luca Juroš (Croatia)
Presentation by Prof. Marc Lobelle (UCL)
Presentation by Ms Pascale Gentbrugge (UNECOF)

Published: 29/05/2008 - Last modified: 20/10/2016
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