Work programme of the Bologna Follow-Up Group 2001-2003

Degree and Qualification Structure

These were discussed at two successive follow-up events, both in March 2003. However, these topics were also high on the agendas of almost all other follow- up seminars and other related meetings.

Content for Bologna Expert - 19/09/2003
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The Finnish Ministry of Education organized an “International Seminar on Master-level Degrees” in Helsinki on 14-15 March 2003. (It should be noted here that Helsinki also hosted a closely related follow-up seminar as early as 2001 – “Seminar on Bachelor- level Degrees”, 16-17 February 2001, before the Prague Summit.) The 2003 Helsinki seminar focused on different dimensions of Master degrees as second-cycle higher education qualifications in European countries, discussed mobility and multicultural implications of the two-tier system as well as its position in global competitiveness in higher education. Seminar participants also searched for a possible common framework. In the conclusions and recommendations of the seminar, they identified several common denominators for a Master degree in the EHEA.

Two weeks later, the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation in co-operation with the Danish Rectors’ Conference organized a seminar on “Qualification Structures in Higher Education in Europe” (Copenhagen, 27-28 March 2003). This time, the development of a higher education qualifications framework and alternative approaches for clarifying the cycles and levels in these qualifications were in the frontline. In a detailed survey for this seminar, all main trends and approaches were presented, offering a useful starting point for discussion. In the working groups, participants discussed qualifications framework in relation to three key issues: curriculum planning, quality assurance, and recognition. The seminar reporter produced a comprehensive report which can serve as a useful synthesis document for further work. Concrete recommendations were adopted at the end. This Copenhagen seminar was an important milestone in understanding structural issues in the emerging EHEA, and therefore of great importance for the further Process.

Source: Bologna process between Prague and Berlin
Report to the Ministers of Education of the signatory countries Berlin, September 2003
General Rapporteur: Prof. Pavel Zgaga
Report commissioned by the Follow-up Group of the Bologna Process
Bologna Process between Prague and Berlin

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