Working Group 1

The Working Group 1 on Monitoring (fundamental values) was adopted by the BFUG meeting in Vienna in September 2018 with the purpose to prepare for 2020 a report assessing the main developments in the EHEA since the Bologna Process began, including to what extent we have fulfilled the mobility target agreed in Leuven/Louvain-la-Neuve in 2009, to continue to provide reliable, comparable data and to take stock of progress towards realising the European Higher Education Area, to make further progress in improving structured and standardised monitoring of the EHEA and to ensure that accurate comparisons can be made between countries and that implementation and other changes are transparent within as well as between countries.


Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference of Working Group 1 on Monitoring


Updates from WG1 on Monitoring to the BFUG

BFUG Meeting 63 Vienna September 2018 (under item 11.1 Monitoring and the Bologna Process Implementation Report 2020)

BFUG Meeting 65 Bucharest April 2019 (under item 5.4 Working Group 1 on Monitoring)

BFUG Meeting 67 Helsinki November 2019 (under item 5.3 Working Group 1 on Monitoring


WG1 on Monitoring Meetings

1. First Meeting of WG1 on Monitoring in Brussels on 6 November 2018

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Minutes


2. Second Meeting of WG1 on Monitoring in Brussels on 9 July 2019

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Minutes


3. Third Meeting of WG1 on Monitoring in Brussels on 22 January 2020