Work programme 2015-2018

Working Group on Policy development for new EHEA goals 2015-2018 - meeting 5

Working Group meeting Brussels, Belgium 05/09/2017

Fifth meeting of the working group on Policy development for new EHEA goals.

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Draft agenda

1. Welcome, Introduction and Report from the BFUG Board and BFUG meetings in the first semester 2017

Chair: Caroline Sundberg (ESU)
Rapporteurs: Nadesza Kamyninan (Russia), Andreas Keller (EI)

2. Adoption of the draft agenda

Chair: Caroline Sundberg (ESU)

3. Fields so far not covered by the six topics

[Please refer to the minutes from the Gozo BFUG meeting]

Chair: Andreas Keller (EI)
Rapporteurs (“agent provocateurs”): Julie Anderson (EC), Michael Gabel (EUA)

4. Discussion on final conclusions / the essence to be integrated in generic conclusions from the topics

4.1. New Learners – Active Citizenship – Digital Education

Chair: Nadesza Kamyninan (Russia)
Rapporteurs: Anders Jörnesten (Sweden), Caroline Sundberg (ESU)

4.2. Relevant Competences & Professional Recognition

Chair: Luc Hittinger (France)
Rapporteurs: Nadesza Kamyninan (Russia), Peter Greisler (Germany)

4.3. Teacher Support & European Higher Education Area / European Research Area

Chair: Caroline Sundberg (ESU)
Rapporteurs: Andreas Keller (EI), Luc Hittinger (France)

5. Discussion on final conclusions and recommendations for new EHEA goals

Chair: Andreas Keller (EI)

6. Working methods and procedures – joint reflections

Chair: Caroline Sundberg (ESU)

7. Further work of WG3 chairs and members

e.g. timetable for draft report and final recommendations, methods of and deadlines for involving the WG members, co-operation with other AG/WG

Chair: Anders Jörnesten (Sweden)

Published: 27/04/2017 - Last modified: 20/09/2017
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Working Group

In a perspective of renewing the vision of the EHEA, the Working Group on New goals will be dedicated to defining new priorities for the future of the EHEA (taking into account the goals mentioned in the Yerevan communiqué and in “The Bologna Process revisited” paper).

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